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Trend : Geeky Eyewear

This year, oversized frames made quite a comeback. 
With the right frame, I think librarian chic can be a cute look. If anyone's looking, you can find such frames at Far East for around $10 a pair. Just for fun of course !

ASOS Tortoise Geeky Specs £10

ASOS Round Geeky Specs £10

Jeepers Peepers Wood Effect Glasses £14

Source : asos.com

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Look Of The Day

Anna Kendrick at the premiere of "Up In The Air"

Source : instyle.com

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Tutorial : Hair Stick

I've always wondered how to put hair up using just a stick. It never occurred to me to check out Youtube, until now(!) 
I was amazed (and slightly dismayed) to find out how simple it actually is. Why dismayed? Because now my hair is not long enough to try it out ! Grrr.
For those of you who can, have fun trying this out.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009