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Product Highlight : Glytone UV Sunband

Interesting product !

The Glytone UV Sunband simply helps to monitor UV exposure by changing color to reflect the level of exposure to the sun. Apply sunscreen over all areas of exposed skin and over the band. When exposed to the sunlight, the band turns bright purple to indicate it has been activated. When the band fades to light pink, it is recommended to reapply sunscreen on the body and on the band.

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Bag Lust

I have such a crush on this bag !
LeSportsac designs are typically very colourful, which can make it difficult / limiting when it comes to co-ordinating with your outfits. I think this design has just the right level of cuteness without being too kiddy. It would look perfect with jeans for a casual Friday; or with shorts for a lazy weekend. 

'Heart Of Gold' Everygirl Tote

It's also available in other styles such as :

Small Weekender


Vintage Clutch

Cleo Cross-body bag

These two designs also caught my eye.

'Pearl Lightning' Small Weekender (love the colour!)

'Volley' Large Weekender (if I played tennis, I would totally get this!)