Friday, May 12, 2006

Trend : Hairbands

This trend has been gaining popularity across Taiwan, US and UK.
However, the way to wear it has changed. I've always had the impression that wearing a hairband tends to give the wearer a sort of goody-two-shoes image. But not if you wear it this way :

The trick is to place the hairband closer to the forehead, instead of pushing it halfway up the head like we used to in Primary school. It looks even more chic if you don't expose your ears.
You could use a thick hairband, or 2 thin ones to vary the look.

If you choose to tie up your hair, it works too :

The key to getting the look right is to NOT make it too tidy.

Alternatively, you could use a thin scarf. Secure it with a bobby pin on both sides of the head to prevent the scarf from sliding off.

Whichever method/look you choose, it's perfect for those bad hair days.

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