Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shopping Report

Location : Far East Plaza
Type : Shoe Shop

This isn't a new shop, but I had never gone in to browse before.
What caught my eye was actually a sale sign that stated some shoes were going for $18.90.
It sounded like a potential bargain too good to pass up, and so I went in to explore.

And this is what I bought within 10 minutes :

Total damage : < $50 !

The name of the shop is D & C, which stands for Design & Comfort. You can find the shop on Level 4. Although many of the other designs did not particularly appeal to me, I was impressed enough to mentally include this shop as one of my regular stops in future.


cherry-ale said...

Wah! The "Design" looks good (these 2 that you bought at least) how's the "Comfort"?

Am rather wary about buying shoes from Far East cos they tend to look nice, good price, but poor comfy level :(

bitterlemon said...

I haven't worn them yet, but initial "testing" suggests that the brown ones are pretty comfy.
The black ones seem ok too, but they are higher than what I'm used to, so it's hard to say for now...