Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Few Quirky Things

Apology note pad $5

Product description : Make communication simple with these little note pads. When you're at a loss for words, just check the boxes or fill in a few simple blanks and voila, you've got a silent (and sometimes hilarious) way to get the point across.

"How to make me happy" checklist $7

Product description : Check yourself, or that special someone -- before one of your wrecks yourselves. Honesty is easier when you harness the power of multiple-choice options and say what you mean: Start smoking, Take the high road, Give a damn. Choose the when and the what, and how much you want it -- then sign off to make yourself understood.

Drinking game $9.99

Product description :The most f*cked up drinking game ever; now dirtier and grosser than ever! Would you staple your lips together for $100,000? Would you rather catch food poisoning or head lice? And lots of other things we can't repeat here. Predict your friends' answers, and if you're wrong, drink up! Comes with dice, game chips, and 2 question booklets.
Linus blanket $34

Remember Linus from the Charlie Brown comic strip? Remember his blanket?
Now you can have one too !

Photo album $16

In case you can't see the words clearly, it says "Best F**king Trip Of My Life". LOL.

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